By uniting a vast array of creative genres – our aim is to produce an inspiring visual and cultural collection of experimental work, presented as a web-based portfolio. The main theme of the assignment is to create an artistic arena around the concept of Space – its various facets, meanings and forms. All images and/or documentations of the Openings Project will be arranged in the Experimental Section of Satellite Studio’s website and will credit all involved artists.

Opening #04/2014: Nebula
Project by Satellite Studio

If nothing is as fast as the light, our effort in trying to catch it has taken on a special meaning.
During these 4 years —through our trial-and-error method— we generated images that accidentaly reminds wonders of the cosmos.

Opening #02/2011: Homage to Calder
Designed by Satellite Studio


Opening #01/2011: Another Girl, Another Planet
Christian Anwander
Make-up Hung Vannago Hair Stylist Wesley O'Meara
Post Producion
Numérique Thanks to Gokay Sarioz


Opening #03/2012: Timeframes
Photo Khaled Aboumrad

Badly preserved, silver gelatines suffer damage.
Timeframes is a collection of films attacked by fungus and spores,
rediscovered by Khaled Aboumrad in his archives after 30 years.