Irish Travellers, also called pavees, are a traditionally itinerant ethnic group who maintain a set of traditions. They are predominantly english speaking. The origins of this nomadic group are far from known. There are several assumptions that are difficult to verify given the oral tradition of this people Some say their ancestor was an artisan who had agreed to merge the nails to build the cross of Christ, and was therefore condemned to wander without finding a permanent abode. Travellers converge at the horse fairs to buy and sell horses, meet with friends and relations, and to celebrate their music, history and folklore. Appleby’s Fair takes place every year in June, It’s one of the biggest and oldest in Europe. It is held outside the town, along the river Eden, near to Gallows Hill (named after the public hangings that were once carried out there.)

Photography Mattia Zoppellaro
Publisher Contrasto © 2017
Introduction Seamus Heaney
Design Satellite Studio